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Preparations for the Christmas holidays begin. A time of the year when feeling good, pampering yourself and thinking about yourself is as important as enjoying beautiful family moments.

That's why we suggest you save time caring for your hair by applying Naturtint coloring from home, without giving up the magnificent finish and shine of a professional job.

How can I get hair for this Christmas?

Starting to dye yourself at home may seem like a challenge, but as soon as you watch the video that we have prepared for you, you will see that it is as simple as following a few steps. This routine will give your hair the right shine and tone without taking up a lot of time. Don't miss a minute to meet last-minute Christmas shopping and various events.

Following the advice of the video that we have recorded for you and a little improvisation, you will achieve a hairdressing result.

Lets start by the beginning:

Get a "Colour Kit"

The Naturtint brand coloring kit has very positive aspects for treating your hair, and that is that it does not use ammonia in its coloring process! Its formula is nutritious and contains a very high percentage of natural ingredients. A formulation that has earned the USD Certified Biobased Product certificate for its high content of biobased, sustainable and renewable ingredients. A coloring that takes care of your hair, takes care of you with all the guarantees.

Once you have Naturtint in your hands, follow all the steps that we tell you in the following video and you will be able to dye yourself easily. You are in the best hands!

Naturtint coloring before and after

Why choose Naturtint?

Choosing Naturtint is choosing to take care of your hair, choosing to be impeccable from the first application and pampering both your hair and scalp . Millions of consumers around the world already trust our product for the softness, shine and hydration they provide.

No waiting lists, no fixed schedules, no prior appointments at the hairdresser... Wherever and whenever you want, listening to the music you like the most or tuning in to the radio to find the perfect channel. Naturtint gives you the comfort of dyeing yourself at home and unifying the color, covering gray hair or giving yourself a change of look before Christmas. In addition, you will save money that at this time of year is very useful.

The Naturtint formula is enriched with 100% botanical oils to maximize care, and includes a post-color treatment that includes: a Quinoa Mask that contains 99% natural ingredients and prolongs color hold, enhances shine and provides a very soft effect on the hair for much longer. Quinoa is a superfood that provides incredible benefits to hair, if you want to know more about quinoa and the Hair Food line with superfoods.

And with the time you have left over, what can you do? Enjoy! Prepare a TikTok choreography to surprise the little ones in the family, bring out your most creative side and prepare a DIY centerpiece to surprise your guests or simply enjoy a good book on the sofa.

You will have plenty of time to decide what you want to do; And most importantly: wherever you go you will go with an impeccable, natural and strong hairstyle thanks to the magic (and the technology created in laboratories) of the hair treatment offered by Naturtint.

Enjoy your time, and dazzle this Christmas. And remember, do not keep the secret, share the trick of your hair with your friends and allies, they will also want to try!



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