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Body waxing is one of the most reliable hair removal methods. It's accessible to most people and safe for almost any type of skin. Beyond this, waxing is just more effective than other modern methods, letting the skin keep a velvety texture for weeks and reducing pesky issues like dryness and ingrown hairs.

Now, the best result is not guaranteed in all cases. There's a wax formula for each taste nowadays, but that doesn't mean you can use the same product for all your hair removal needs. A lot goes into choosing the perfect wax formula; you need to consider the part of the body you're treating and how used the skin is to waxing as a whole. Homemade waxes are mostly harmless but most people agree that professional wax formulas are more likely to leave a long-lasting improvement.

Wax at Stores

The Drawbacks of Homemade Waxing

There are some key traits that all high-quality waxes share in common. Many of the brands you see at the local store can help you remove most of the hairs with little pain but they don't always have the best ingredients to boost the skin's natural softness and elasticity.

Some of these waxes have a high concentration of artificial ingredients and fragrances; they might not cause lasting damage, but the skin can still get coarser over time from exposure to harsh ingredients. These days, there are more alternatives to paraffin-based waxes in the market, but the risk of burns and rashes is still higher, just from the lack of natural soothing elements that make professional hard waxes more expensive.

Another thing to consider: it's harder to get the right consistency to remove all the hairs on the first try. Professional wax heaters simplify a great deal of the process because of their sophisticated timer/heating mechanism. If your wax happens to harden too soon, you need to pluck out the remaining hairs as most of these waxes shouldn't be applied on the same area more than once.

The risks are only worsened if you have naturally sensitive skin or a skin condition like acne, eczema, or psoriasis. You can't start a waxing routine without consulting a dermatologist in advance, but a doctor's assessment is extra important if you want to stick to at-home waxing while ongoing medical treatment of any kind.

Choosing the Ideal Wax Formula

So, we've established that professional wax formulas reduce risks and provide better results, but even then, there's a growing variety of products to choose from. Estheticians working in the hair removal industry need to provide enough variety to nourish different skin types and remove thick and finer hairs alike. This also adds to the image of a salon or a spa, because much of the client's experience is boosted by the wax texture, its natural fragrance, and the soothing formulas used before and after waxing.

First, let's elaborate on soft and hard waxes. Each of these waxes is specially created to suit specific parts of the body. This means that a soft wax can give you extra trouble if you use it incorrectly, even though some strip waxes are perfected to suit almost all skin types.

Soft waxes: Soft waxes are the most common type of waxing formula and the most financially accessible. Thanks to the aid of a strip, estheticians can wax large portions of skin in little time, so you can remove all the leg hair in around 20 minutes. Still, soft waxes can't be applied twice on the same area, so they're more effective when the hair has grown long enough for the wax to adhere properly (between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch). Estheticians recommend using soft waxes on the legs, arms, and back. The armpits and the happy trail can also be waxed with these formulas when the skin is well into its wax routine and clients are more used to the burn of ripping the wax off.

Hard waxes: Hard waxes are the go-to options in areas where precision is key. This means areas where the skin is more delicate but can also refer to cases like eyebrow waxing and Brazilian waxes, where you're meant to groom the hair that's left behind. In other words, hard waxes are mostly used on different parts of the face, the pubic bone, the underarms, and the inner thighs. The hair on the intimate area is often coarser, so the wax needs to have a thicker texture. When melted, hard wax takes a consistency resembling molasses that allows working on these parts of the body without the help of a strip.

That's the main distinction between soft and hard waxes. Other factors come into play like the heating time and the additional ingredients in the formula. What better way to explore their effects than by looking at the best hair removal products in the market?

How To Properly Use the Best Wax

Professional waxes can do a lot to improve your salon experience. Advantages like elasticity and a low heating point can make sensations go from bearable to downright pleasant. This is what Beauty Image USA strives to provide with every new product we add to our catalog.

Beauty Image's classic line of soft waxes guarantees the most gentle treatment, combining natural pine resins with the most powerful nutrients to protect the skin after a treatment.

Salon goes are thrilled to get a custom experience. Natural ingredients like oils and fruit extract can bring the most pleasant sensations during a session while encouraging healing and the growth of skin cells during the aftercare period. Our Choco Wax is just one example of what you can find among our Beauty Image's specialty lines, so you can offer clients an experience that's tailored to their needs.

Hard wax formulas require a cleaner waxing technique, but they provide a world of benefits once you master them, from powerful moisturizing properties to enough elasticity to reduce the esthetician's efforts. If you want to see for yourself, our traditional Beeswax Hard Wax exemplifies all the perks you want in a high-end hard wax formula.

To enhance these soothing properties, you can go for vegan formulas like Beauty Image's Vegan Maxipearls. They combine all the advantages that make Beauty Image a household name while adding the unique benefits of Tamanu oil to boost the natural beauty of different types of skin.

Soft Skin is a Benefit of Using the Best Wax
Our products remove the downsides of generic wax formulas. Many of our waxes melt at a low temperature to reduce burns, others are perfected to work for both body waxes and facial waxes. Our soft waxes can also remain effective while working on shorter hairs, providing maximum workability and reducing the stickiness left on the skin after removal.

The best wax products provide multiple benefits to preserve the skin's youthful appearance, and Beauty Image infuses its formulas with the right ingredients to ensure the most satisfying results.

Professional waxes are the best hair removal option, but the esthetician's choices and skills are also essential to make the best of all wax properties. In any case, Beauty Image is here to cater to each taste and preference, developing the best soft and hard body waxes to keep the skin soft and silky for weeks.




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